Madame Executioner

Medieval England is about to get progressive. Thanks, Obama.

Spies. Usurpers. Beheadings. This is London, 1399. Having botched the last few chops, the royal executioner is ordered by the Prince to find a replacement. Childless, he turns to the only person willing to do the job no man in London wants . . . his niece.

Written by Josef Buchel and James Buffington
Directed by James Buffington and Josef Buchel
Performing at the Phoenix Theater - 2605 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
Friday, 7/31 at 10PM
Saturday, 8/1 at 4PM
Sunday, 8/2 at 1PM
Saturday, 8/8 at 5:30PM
Sunday, 8/9 at 7PM

Produced by Siege Perilous Films, team that brought The Trunk and Uptown Bank Heist to the MN Fringe in recent years.

The Trunk was lauded by audience reviewers, praised the Star Tribune, and got some pretty solid TC Daily Planet coverage. Uptown Bank Heist was enjoyed by audiences and recieved tepid 3 star reviews from the local media. Hey, Farcical crime isn't for everyone.